Blockchain – A Real Game(ing) Changer!

The integration of blockchain in gaming sector promises a steady growth for both industries. Innovative ideas & techniques in the emerging field of blockchain gaming platform development have extended the maximum(ity) of non-fungible assets to enhance the scalability and other such options.
Here’s a fact for you: Potential gamers were one among the early users of cryptocurrencies because of their hands-on experience in using virtual currencies in many games. They saw the efficient outcomes of blockchain-based game development. 
While the merging of blockchain and gaming forecasts great potential, there are still many technological obstacles facing the development & implementation that need to be overcome to reach the market.

Current Scenario

If we look deep into the present blockchain-gaming integration, we could easily differentiate the extra-ordinary benefits, drawbacks, and obstacles in the incorporation of both the technologies.

Blockchain Gaming – Betterment in Benefits

Blockchain technology lends a dynamic tool for gamers and the tool has many options, including decentralized exchange of assets, virtual objects’ verification, quick & secure payment gateways, and developers’ ability to properly monetize their developments.On the other hand, the hunt for solutions to provide efficient and entertaining blockchain-based games has led to amazing innovations in blockchain sustainability and asset development.
The hot talk of the town is the implementation of blockchain technology in gaming with non-fungible assets. In gaming, these tokens can be anything from weapons to virtual cards to skins. The authenticity of each virtual item is approved using smart contract agreements such as the ERC-721 non-fungible token standard and the latest ERC-1155 reference implementation.

Blockchain Gaming – Hurdles

There are a lot of obstacles in blockchain-based game development and the primary one is scalability. It is inhibiting the sustainability and actual usefulness of current blockchain-based games.

As of now, centralized games have a lot of advantages over blockchain-based games. However, there is an Ethereum-based game called Gods Unchained and it provides a few insights on how centralized and decentralized systems can be integrated. This Unity-powered game simply runs on a centralized server and is indistinguishable in gameplay from the majority of games today.

Another disadvantage resulting from scalability limitations is the current market scope of games that can be developed on a blockchain network. Poor connection and lack of developer activities have led to many games being pieces of junk. This is a long-term problem and to overcome this, developers started focusing on creating three-dimensional worlds and games.

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